KeraColor is our hair color proposal that has been developed with advance technology to provide the best hair coloring results to your hair fiber. It totally covers gray hair with intense, radiant and long-lasting colors giving an even coloration while protecting and repairing the entire hair shaft in every step of the professional hair coloring process.


Essential protein for restoring and repairing the hair. Keratin is the most important protein in the hair structure as it is mainly responsible for providing strength and body to the hair.

Our keratin strengthens and increases the flexibility of your hair while protecting it during the coloring process.


Collagen is an essential protein for your hair. It has the structural properties necessary to recover and replenish the moisture of hair fibers.

Thanks to its excellent invigorating properties, our collagen will bring back the shine, elasticity and wholeness of your hair, protecting it during the coloring process.


Specialized complex of Hyaluronic Acid which will improve and increase the hydration of the hair, achieving maximum flexibility, shine and resistance.

Our exclusive specialized hyaluronic acid complex will help nourish, protect and repair your hair in a unique way during each stage of the hair coloring process.

KERAflex is the only stabilized cream peroxide developer ideal for activating KERAcolor hair color.  Its exclusive formula achieves the perfect mix with the dye, providing greater pigment setting and penetration, while protecting the integrity of the hair fiber during the hair coloring process to achieve maximum benefits in the development of the color, gloss, conditioning and uniformity of the desired tone in each step of the hair coloring process.


In  a non-metallic bowl, mix the content of one 70 g-tube of KERACOLOR with 105 ml of Keraflex cream developer.
The mixing ratio is 1:1½


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